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Jiuzhaigou in winter

Heaven On Earth at Jiuzhaigou

BY Cindy Lai executive summary by Darmansjah

Last year, my younger brother who is taking Chinese language school in one name repeatedly mentioned that he wanted to visit places in China, but it is located quite far from where she learned at that time. What a coincidence, in the middle of last year I had the opportunity to visit this Bamboo Curtain country and finally we went to a so-called “Heaven On Earth” by the local Chinese people. This is a glimpse of our journey to where the cool, beautiful, and please the eyes and heart.

airport jiuzhai-huanglong

Arrive at Jiuzhai-Huanglong

That afternoon the sun almost went to the West when we arrived at the airport Jiuzhai – Huanglong. The view from the top plane is staggering. On the right and left just seen the mountains, rows of neatly lined up like soldiers. “Wahh …”, I exclaimed to myself. “I’ve been up to where ya? How come it feels like the Alps in Switzerland with it? “. The plane we were experiencing a little turbulence before landing earlier, possibly due to high winds are blowing in the mountains.


Entering a small airport, we’ve started to feel the chill of this place. My brother and his friend stopped by the toilet to replace the shorts with long jeans. Left of the Chengdu airport was indeed hot air, but the 45-minute trip turned out to take us to a different area of 180 degrees. Temperatures at that time showed 14 degrees Celsius, but a strong cold wind and puncture the skin makes us shudder and not stand in the open air.

Chengdu airport

Our tour leader who is a local one  show that has been waiting for our bus to the faithful in the airport car park. A few minutes later we went straight away to the hotel. The trip winding through green fields and mountains on the right side and left us nodding in admiration. In a spark of light that a little dim as the sunsets before we continue to drink in views of the heart’s content. Green trees and grass it feels should be immortalized with a handy cam and camera

Jiuzhaigou valley

Jiuzhaigou is an area that is still virgin and have not touched the hands of modernization. Unlike cities in other Chinese, Jiuzhaigou allowed to grow with a wild and natural. Of all the cities I’ve visited in China only area Jiuzhai – Huanglong is still cool, fresh air without pollution. The world really need more places like this.

tibetan village

It lies very close to Tibet, making it a little unique. We can see traditional Tibetan houses along the road. Flag of the typical colorful Tibetan villages also meet there. They also use different language with the Chinese national language, there is the local language itself is more often used, like if we go to other regions in Indonesia.

mountain road jiuzhaigou

Two-hour journey to the hotel made us a little drowsy, but our tour leader whose job it is entertaining just kept prattling on ahead. Although not understand the language used by him, I just enjoy the entertainment in the form of song sung.

Arrow Bamboo Lake

Darkness has been included, but the light from the hotels on the roadside was beautiful and alluring. Some hotels are built with great splendor, and appeared in the night. Not the tens storey hotel with topnotch facilities, but that was only four or five storey hotel with lights that highlight the hotel building so that makes it look elegant at night. Most hotels have a fireplace and makes it possible to build a fire while burning meat for dinner.

Five-Flower Lake

Garden Tour “Jiuzhaigou Valley”

Golden Bell Lake

Almost all local people in China said that Jiuzhaigou is the best place in the country this panda. Not just because the scenery was beautiful once, but because it is said we could feel the moment “Heaven” in the world. Intrigued by what they continue to promote it to me, I finally gave up as well to go there, especially with a companion who are both adventurous, makes me more determined to go.


That morning we were all taken to the famous tourist park. We and the group toured alongside a taxi. A taxi can be charged max. 4. Just need to RMB 12 (USD 18) to go park Jiuzhaigou tour of our hotel. Up there, a lot of people had gathered at the front gate for admission. “While the holiday season, become crowded”, remarked my sister. I agree with him. When we go there, is a summer vacation time, so almost the entire population of China was on holiday with the family to the tourist attractions. One of which must be visited is the place.

Mirror Lake

Jiuzhaigou tourist park most visited in the summer and autumn. Besides the kids are on vacation during the summer, most tourists are also advised to visit Jiuzhaigou in the fall, because his sights are much more beautiful and colorful. From the promotional photos exist, they display the views of Jiuzhaigou in the four seasons. Everything has its own beauty, but indeed the most beautiful in the autumn with red leaved trees, yellow, combined with water in the lake which is also colored, eye-catching indeed.

Multi-Color Lake

To get into the park, there are 2 alternative travel. One, by foot. Two, to take a bus or car transportation is provided free to surround the park. To conserve energy, we took a bus from the gate until the very end of the lake located in the highest places in the park. Usually ride the bus did not stop at random, but when traveling down the bus will stop at every bus stop or a scenic spot there.

Nuorilang Fall

First of all we boarded the bus to go to “Grand Lake” which is on the right of the park. On the way to the top, we saw a row of lakes and waterfalls along the road. Everyone in the bus chuckle in awe at the sight of each lake to be passed. Green and blue colors that dominate there. Green from the mountains and the greenish blue of the lake makes the eye feel pampered and very cool.

panda lake

Up there, the entourage tourists go straight down to admire the great lake surface like mirror. People immediately took his spot each to take pictures as he walked to another lake.

The next goal is to “Swan Lake”. Towards the lake is quite walk away from the “Grand Lake” because it is quite close. The name “Swan Lake” is given to the lake is a habitat for the ducks in this park. The beauty of the lake is almost similar to the “Grand Lake”. Although many ducks there, we are not allowed to feed the ducks in order to avoid damage to the ecosystem there. We are also not allowed to throw garbage and cigarette smoking in this park, because it can disrupt the balance of nature in it. Buses used in the park-did not use fuel oil as energy.

Shuanglong Lake

Go to the next lake we chose to ride the bus, because the distance is far enough away to be reached by foot. However, this follows from the lake to the other rows to the path which is on the right and left there are views of waterfalls and mangrove forests. “Arrow Bamboo Lake“, “Panda Lake“, “Five-Flower Lake“, “Peacock River“, “Golden Bell Lake“, and “Pearl Shoal Fall” is a scenic spot to be seen there. The most amazing thing is the water in each lake is always green and blue, but the water remains clear, we can see into the lake, as well as the lake can be a mirror that reflects the views of the mountain or a tree on it. But as it flows from one lake to another lake, the color of clear water just as common as water in general. It’s nothing special with each lake over there so it can radiate its own colorful.

Tiger Lake

Advanced to the “Mirror Lake“, where we see the reflection of a huge mountain above the lake is also quite large. Passing the lake on foot, the mountain was still bouncing on the lake which is really like a mirror. As if a single unit both. I can only imagine the scene like this before in the paintings of nature only.

Peacock River

Our journey from morning to afternoon to empty into a cottage as a small restaurant on the edge of the forest. Places to eat are just selling hot corn on the cob and some instant foods. If you want to eat the more weight we have to go to the nearest rest area and there was food being sold quite expensive because all the restaurants applying the concept of the all you can eat. So, we must settle with eating corn on the cob and canned food only. We strongly recommend to bring dried foods such as shredded, canned fish can be eaten, and bread. In this place is very difficult to find food, so if we are to bring lunch, we can eat in the shelter or in chairs in the garden that has been provided for rest.

Pearl Shoal Fall

Once completed rest and ate a simple lunch, we switched to the left side of this park. Longest journey to the place took nearly 1 hour. We passed the traditional Tibetan village and a few lakes that have nearly dried up the water. But, when arriving at the summit we could see the sights of a large lake with a mountain on the left and right, they call it the “Long Lake”.


Come down, we passed forests and small lakes beautiful. “Multi-Color Lake” and “Seasonal Upper Lake” is the view of the lake on which we can enjoy there. After that the bus would take us back to a rest area in the middle of the park.

seasonal upper lake

Travel and beautiful scenery did not stop there alone, while walking home we saw also a few more lakes and waterfalls, among them “Nuorilang Fall“, “Rhinoceros Lake“, “Tiger Lake“, “Shuzheng Fall“, “Wolong Lake” , “Shuanglong Lake“, and “Reed Lake“. To come down and see it one by one, we are very short of time. Not feel we have a daily walk in the park was great. At 5 pm most of the tourists had to walk back toward the main gate. We also have been contacting their tour leader we constantly because we were late from the hour circle time. Fortunately we can walk home alone to the hotel by taxi.

Reed Lake

The experience today will not be forgotten. We really like the taste of “Heaven” on earth. Promotion of local people there is true. No wonder most of them felt compelled to go to this place before leaving the world.

Shuzheng Fall

If this year you plan to travel to China, do not forget to insert Jiuzhaigou in your travel agenda, guaranteed will not regret going there. Maybe out of 10 people who had gone to Jiuzhaigou, if offered to go back there, I think the 10 people wanted to go to Jiuzhaigou again

Rhinoceros Lake

To go to Jiuzhaigou there are 2 roads that can be taken from the city of Chengdu, the first is the road that takes one day to achieve it. If you do not have to stand for long on the bus plus the streets are less supportive facilities, you can use the second way, namely through the air with a plane ride takes only 45 minutes to get there. Both of course there are pros and cons, but so that we can enjoy our time better in Jiuzhaigou, choose a travel alternative that is most comfortable for you.


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