Private Policy

Private Policy

. DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER You can use the facilities of this website without becoming a member of that, easily and accelerate the process of purchasing our product, but we still need information names, numbers can be reached and where the product delivery.
. BECOME A MEMBER, You can become a member / members after you do registered and enter your identity
information. After that we will send you an email about the confirmation of enrollment. Then you can make direct transactions.
. No need to pay to become members of ,it’s Free
. When you do these registration confirmation you will be automatically recognized as a member of this site
and be able to log into the site without having to constantly registered every transaction.
. MAINTAINING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, your password information is your responsibility so we Appeals to
be kept confidential so as not to be used by parties who do not want.
. BLOCKING USERS, if you feel there is someone who uses your users without your knowledge, we ask that you
promptly report it to us so we can block a user account to obtain verification from you.
. WARRANTY INFORMATION, We provide protection for any information about the personal data you provide
online. We do not display your personal data such as email, phone number, on our site except for your own
desires. We also do not sell, give your personal data to third parties without any reason, unless required by the authorities for investigation and legal interests with a valid warrant.
. Use the information you provide is possible in terms of responding to requests / contact you for
administrative purposes as well as service, troubleshoot and marketing and promotional purposes that it was
intended to improve services to members
. All prices listed on our site can change at any time, we will notify by email, the status of your order
if there are changes in prices (this is because product prices are in USD/Rupiah)
. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY you buy depends on what we have in stock, our software allows you to enter a number
above 100,000 units or more if you want to buy the product number and have sent the money we will deliver a partial match of the available our stock.
. WARRANTY, PRODUCT SAFETY AND SECURITY RECEIVED Product you choose a product which the official warranty /


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