About Darmansjah

Name               : Darmansjah Godjali (Nick name : darman)

WEbsite http://hilariusdarman.wordpress.com TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.com

e.mail               :hilariusdarman@gmail.com, hilariusdarman@yahoo.com,    skype:hilarius.darmansjah.godjali, Msn:hilariusdarman@hotmail.com, YM:hilariusdarman@yahoo.com,

Hometown      : Jakarta

Country            : Indonesia

Occupation     : OWNER


Hobbies            : Travelling, Hiking, Tracking, Cycling, Reading (philosophy,Novel-fiction-scientic)


One thought on “About Darmansjah

  1. Hi Mr Darman,
    Nice Name hope you are doing well, i was just going through Raja Ampat and i found your contact details.
    I believe you know almost every thing about the place, i will be interested in communicating with you for brain storming:-) Never know thing some time become easier through communication and contacts to other people.
    My Name is Prince Doda from Germany but i have a small company in Jakarta at the moment i am in Germany will be back to Indonesia soon.
    This is my mail address: prinz.doda@googlemail.com/ Phone: +49 1522 455 4028 Hope to here from you soon.
    Prince Doda

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