City Tour | Cinque Terre Italy

Enjoying the Riviera Enchantment

Menterosso al Mare

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Often heard the beauty of the villages located in the north of Italy, exactly along the Riviera Lugiria or better known as the Italian “Riviera, between Genoa and Pisa City. Convenient time to visit is mid-September, shortly after the peak summer season ends, where hotels and restaurants were not too crowded.

 With the climate began to cool and be spoiled warm Mediterranean sun. You will find a stretch of the beautiful scenery of green hills with rows of vines and olives, as well as the insertion of different colors arranged around houses neat and unique look that occupy hilltops and cliffs, surrounded by the expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, where small boats are colorful tethered by their owners, complete perfection of a beautiful painting of a small town in Northern Italy.

 This is a beautiful panorama of the main dish here, a majority of the local population of fishermen generation to look faithful to his art without being influenced by native civilizations of foreign tourists visiting the swift coming and going to admire its natural beauty.

Monterosso al Mare panorama

Cinque Terre means five mainland, is one of the locations are tucked away in a long list of UNESCO Heritage consisting of five villages, namely: Menterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Historical records of this city, where the area and this place was discovered by Greek refugees from around the 7th century and after was led by a few feudal lords, Cinque Terre power fell into the hands of the Republic of Genoa.

Generation to the residents who live near the sea and the majority worked as a fisherman who lives in the mountains of living as farmers grapes, olives, and lemon. They are looking stayed loyal to the original civilization without being affected by the flow of tourists visit just to taste the beauty of its natural panorama. Each village has its own church and chapel are very thick with plants nuanced medieval names like St.John Baptist, The Church of St Margaret of Antioch, Our Lady of Thanksgiving and St.. Bernardine of Siena.

This region is known as a car-free area. Rail transportation equipment is the most widely used to visit these villages. From the train station in Milan, you can use TrenItalia majoring in La Spezia and takes about two hours to arrive at the first village of Monterosso al Mare. This area can also dijambangi by ferry dri Portovenere and La Spezia, at the cost more expensive than the cost of using the train.

Furthermore, for the convenience of transportation during the Cinque Terre, you should buy train tickets, either daily or weekly. At the tourist information center in the village of Monterosso (there is also in each village). Tickets can be used as often as possible for transportation between villages and even down to the town of La Spezia, as long as tickets are still valid.

This area can also be easily explored on foot through the trekking (trail paths) that connect to the five villages. Trekking maps can be easily obtained at the center Turist info.

 The first village of Monterosso al mare seems built to accommodate the tourist, as it is complete with modern hotel facilities and aprtemen. Located in the lowlands, there is an all day Fegina Beach umbrellas dotted the beach for swimming and sunbathing tourists. The village also has many cafes and restaurants with seafood and typical Italian pasta. One of the famous Ristorante Miky where you have to make a reservation at least two days before.

The restaurant serves spaghetti al mare fresh and paella with clams. Vermentino accompanied by Italian wines, closed desert Dolci pannacota a soft vanilla or chocolate cake with vanilla gelato melt will improve your dinner.

Down the village, you can wash out the eye with a variety of souvenir shops, stores olive oil, wine shop, shop pesto, while tasting pesto, sauces typical of Liguria is made from a mixture of basil, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, grated cheese and marjoram , thick green and can be eaten with the foccacia bread or cooked pasta with less sauce.

 In the hill village of Monterosso there is an old church with the tombs of the nobles are very unique, with the walls of the box containing the coffin adorned with flowers in front of bonds tombstone.


Trying trekking paths (blue trail) from the village of Monterosso al Marea towards Vernazza, with the distance almost 7km within 2hours, along the hills that abut the sea cliffs of the Mediterranean area and occasionally climbing a hill planted with vines and wildflowers, beautiful scenery which makes complete makes us stop for a moment just to not pass this memorable painting natural scenery. As far as the eye could see, beautiful scenery stretches from the village of Vernazza can be seen from the cliff path down to the tracks before the village, it is very beautiful with colorful buildings sitting above the cliffs by the sea, decorated the church bell tower and a row of fishing boats moored along the small pier.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of this series of fatigue in the legs after walking up and down hills for two hours immediately disappear.

The village is very lively with tourists milling around. Rocky road down the hallway with stairs did not lead to contacting the doors of apartments for rent, very difficult if you have to pull a suitcase on wheels as road conditions are rocky so it is better to use a soldier bag or a backpack.

Outdoor restaurant at one edge of the pier, Gambero Rosso, while enjoying a lunch of spaghetti il mare most delicious and spicy marinara sauce complete with its obligation to be cleaned until smooth. Almost all cafés and restaurants full at lunchtime. In this village gelato café is also a place that must be visited.


Continuing on to the village to three, Corniglia, using the train to save time because it was near sunset. Tracks the path from Vernazza to Cornigglia actual demand, but the route is quite uphill because the village is the only one of five villages situated on the hill. Get off at Corniglia train station, ready to shuttle buses that take tourists to the small to the top of the hill. The village looks a bit isolated compared to other villages, relatively not too many cafes and only a few small shops that sell local suvernir.

Manarola village

Manarola village looks very pretty with a full rock jetty Touris who come to sunbathe and jump into the sea. Blue water so clear and inviting travelers to swim, do not get enough of people jumping from the rocks to dive into the clear sea, it was incredibly fun.

Fishing boats with different colors also decorate the rocks along the edges

Take time to explore the village with houses decorated with a giant mural with folk tales. Another beautiful landscape is a stretch of houses of different colors in the valley between two hills with green trees soothing the senses.


For business meals, you must visit the Aristide Café that serves fried calamari with a splash of lemon that feels very soft, like marinara class spaghetti, and expresso that makes people continue to add to a list of favorite restaurants during the trip.

In this village there is also a very famous glatteria 5 Terre Celateria e Creperia, in the way of Antonio Discovolo Pistachio and macadamia gelato was very tasty, are obliged to try


From Manarola to Riomaggiore last village, continue trekking through the famous so-called Via dell’Amore, or the Love Trail. The track is very easy to be reached because it can be completed in about 30 minutes of normal time, because the road surface is flat. This is probably the only track that can be reached even with the use of high heels. Graffiti written by the couple and thousands of locks along the fence and the rocks along the fence meets the road is a symbol of the strong bond of love.

Via dell'Amore

A time to take pictures on the stone seat with two heads kissing, Via dell’Amore symbol. Riomaggiore is no less beautiful stretch of hills and an old castle on the hill is the monument Nationalle Parco delle Cinque Terre.

Downtown is the main street Via Colombo, with bars, cafes, restaurants and of course, gelatteria. Along the way are also being sold fresh fruit crops residents like strawberry, cherry, plum, and others. You will also find various shops selling sausage, salami, various cheeses and olive oil.


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